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Do you have any further questions about moving or storage? Check out our most frequently asked questions. Odds are, if you’re unsure about something, someone else had the same question. Or, you could always just ask us a question. Remember, we’re here to help.

Can I Get Insurance For My Belongings?

You should contact your insurance agent to ensure that your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy will cover your possessions which are stored away from home.

How much storage space will I need?

Finding the proper sized storage unit saves you both space and money by finding the most efficient storage solution for your needs. You’d be surprised how many of your belongings you’ll be able to fit into a relatively small space.

Refer to our Storage Unit Size Guide to help you decide on your unit’s size.

Can I move to different unit after I have already moved in?

If the size you want is available, then you can definitely move into another unit. Just contact us or give us a call at 1-250-338-8128 and we’ll happy to help you out.

What sizes do you have available?

We offer storage units which are between 5 x 5 feet to 10 x 30 feet in size. You can read our Storage Unit Size Guide for more information.

What is Environmental Control?
Severe hot or cold weather can damage the items in your storage units. Environmental control ensures that your belongings are protected from extreme temperatures.
What Is An "On Site" Manager?
An “on-site” manager has an apartment within the facility, increasing the security as there is always someone there during non-business hours.

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